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Fishing style

High-quality fishing tackle sorted and selected to match the most popular types of fishing. Use the categories for navigation.

Styles of fishing overview

Fishing accessories at an affordable online price, appropriately pre-sorted and carefully selected by specimen hunters for the respective style of fishing and the target fish (s). We at the fishing team offer you the right tackle for every type of fishing, plus lots of basic information on the most catchy fishing techniques. Here you will find recommendations for fishing accessories and lots of practical tips from our team anglers. Below are brief explanations of the most popular fishing methods, types of fishing or techniques.

Many of the different types of fishing are divided into further sub-areas. There are carp fishermen who fish for carp in the classic way with just a float assembly or a feed basket. As we all know, there is also a modern generation of carp anglers; Electronic bite indicators and aids are very popular among the latter group. On the other hand, in the tackle boxes of the feeder method or the stipple carp angler, you are guaranteed to find very few electronic tools.

Spin fishing is divided into almost innumerable subgroups, very well known and modern is fishing with spoons for trout; or the drop shot assembly for perch fishing in the river. One of the oldest types of spin fishing is lure fishing for pike. We offer all spinning anglers an extra large and comprehensive selection of classic artificial lures, spoons, spinners and wobblers. And of course an XXL range of new, modern fishing lures and accessories for spin fishing.


All types of fishing

We currently offer 12 x different categories of fishing accessories sorted according to the respective fishing type or fishing method. The category with accessories for trout fishing is very sought-after and very popular. You will see, the selection is really overwhelming! For all other different types of fishing there is every single part, all small parts, accessories and of course the appropriate basic equipment consisting of rod and reel. In each category, and also here in the main category, it is possible to display your fishing accessories with the help of the search filters that match the target fish.


Overview of all styles of fishing (* as of 2021/22)
Surf Casting Distance Casting Drop Shot
Feeder fishing Fly Fishing Trout Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing Carp Fishing Night Fishing
Spin Fishing Ultra Light Fishing Catfish Fishing


For all fly fishermen, spin fishermen and surf anglers; possibly also for carp and catfish anglers, there are further subcategories to the types of fishing and methods mentioned here. Wellies, waders and / or waders are one of the most important parts of your fishing equipment, depending on your fishing technique. Click here to go directly to an overview with all waders and more. Dry and warm feet guaranteed!

Ultra light fishing is absolutely trendy and very popular. For UL fishing you will find a selection of different fishing rods and reels in an exclusive design, 100% to suit your taste and budget. All real UL professional anglers will find their latest dream rod with us, check the high-quality Olympic Pro UL rods and reels here. Ultra Light spin fisher beginners are thrilled with the hot new Castalia Colorado UL offers. Eight brand new designs for lovers and connoisseurs.

Are you a spin fisherman and your target fish are 1 meter and longer? Then discover the latest generation of XXL baits here with us for targeted fishing for large pike and catfish. At you will find XXL bait rigs, leader material and some very catchy XXL softbaits. All professional anglers also use our ready-made XXL rigs for fishing with natural bait. Click here for all XXL baits rigs and more in the shop.




Fishing for predatory fish with artificial bait is so popular and so diversified that we are presenting you with many more categories with special fishing accessories that match the type of fishing. Click on one of the links and surf through our different types of fishing shop categories, exclusively for all (modern) spin fishermen and predatory fish professionals:


Some of the different fishing styles and methods have a smooth transition. Are you looking for special fishing accessories to fish for carp and catfish at night? Then we have three suitable categories on offer. You can find a summary of the most important articles on night fishing here; there are other categories for carp fishing and catfish fishing.


Types of fishing saltwater

In addition to the comprehensive range of freshwater fishing accessories and fishing techniques, we also offer an XXL selection of all items for fishing in saltwater here in the shop. With us you will find your next equipment for deep sea fishing, mackerel fishing, herring fishing and of course for fishing on the beach. The coastal fishing on the beach is called surf fishing or casting.

Fishing accessories for deep sea fishing, click here and you will be taken directly to the large collection of the best items for catching fighting sea fish.