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Deep Sea Fishing

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Deep sea fishing is possible all over the world, in every sea and ocean. The target fish are just as varied as the types of fishing and the bait offered. Whether towed behind the fishing boat, anchored by a wreck, drifting over a school of fish... you'll find the right tackle here. Our team knows its stuff when it comes to big and small hunters in salt water. If you have any questions about deep sea fishing equipment, the best fishing techniques, or even global topics related to saltwater fishing, we are always happy to help. You can reach us via email or by phone.


Fishing gear for deep sea fishing

Our complete sets for deep sea fishing are an absolute top seller. In one go you order a high-quality fishing rod with the right reel and ready-to-wind line. There are also the most important small parts. So you can try your luck with your own equipment right on the first ride! Special equipment is required for fishing in salt water. Salt attacks all parts of the fishing gear. Only the very best material can withstand the corrison and is still strong enough to bring the very thickest chunks on board. Here in our online shop you will find very high quality equipment, specially designed for deep sea fishing under the most severe conditions, at a low price.

Despite its robustness, your fishing equipment for deep sea fishing still needs a little care and maintenance after every trip. It is very important to rinse all fishing equipment with fresh water after deep sea fishing. The fishing boats often offer a hose with which you can rinse off the worst on board. At home we always clean our rods and reels with a damp cloth and a little oil here and there. So everything stays in good condition and in tip-top order, even over longer periods of time. Don't forget to check and change your fishing line often.

Well packed in a seaworthy tackle box, your small items for deep sea fishing are perfectly protected against wind and waves. But when things get really busy on board, it can happen again and again that salt water gets into the fishing case. Be it a wave that hits the railing, or a wild catch from the fishing neighbors. We strongly recommend that you always clean your small parts well and never put them away in a wet tackle box. All deep-sea anglers spend a lot of time preparing for each trip, in addition to their time sea fishing. And of course with the cleaning and maintenance of all equipment after the session. If you can call yourself the proud owner of your own fishing boat, then you know how important it is to clean everything conscientiously.