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Cheburashka predator fishing

The new Cheburashka Rig is a very successful assembly for targeted fishing for predatory fish such as pikeperch, pike and perch. It consists of a few special parts and opens up new possibilities for the angler to present bait. The Cheburashka Rig is very common among street anglers and the younger modern generation of spin fishermen.

Fishing for predatory fish with the Cheburashka Rig is fun and is becoming more and more popular. Here we explain the structure of the Cheburashka rig and show you the most successful Cheburashka jig fishing lures. The Cheburashka fishing technique is very flexible and has meanwhile found many different sub-forms in the rig types and areas of application.


Cheburashka Rig


Pikeperch and perch can be seen particularly often in the catch photos of the successful Cheburashka anglers. Pike, trout, small catfish, barbel, sea bass and many more can also be tempted very well with Cheburashka Jig Baits. Modern assembly works in both fresh and salt water. From the boat or from the shore, the possibilities are almost limited.

Now learn everything here to successfully fish with the Cheburashka Rig for predatory fish of all species.


Cheburashka Rig parts

Each Cheburashka rig consists of several individual parts, which can be flexibly interchanged with one another. You can easily vary hook sizes, weights and baits. Whether you prefer to use a particularly light Cheburashka rig for ultra light fishing. Or tried a very robust Cheburashka variant with dead bait fish on catfish, that is left to the possibilities and advantages of each individual sport fisherman.

Here we explain the structure and the individual parts of a global Cheburashka rig for fishing for predatory fish with artificial bait. There are many other variants on the web. Basically, we recommend the following individual parts for the professional assembly of a catchy Cheburashka rig:

  • Fluorocarbon leader squeezed with snap to hook in
  • Cheburashka lead / tungsten lacquered or simple
  • Cheburashka hooks regular or offset
  • Softbait elongated shape / no action shad / rubber bait

A good fluorocarbon leader prevents tangles and protects against annoying losses when bitten by a large predatory fish. Furthermore, it supports the good work of the bait in the water and a correspondingly seductive movement.

The Cheburashka leads are usually best made of a ball lead with two connecting pieces. In contrast to an ordinary rubber fish lead head, the lead from the Cheburashka Rig is flexible. It forms a flexible connection to the bait. The bait can move 100% freely.

Our hot sofbaits fit very well on regular long-legged hooks. Just in time for the start of the 2021 season, you will find extra-sharp Cheburashka hooks in all sizes. If you prefer to fish your baits American, then so-called offset hooks are highly recommended. Fine rib baits and lucky rubbers go great with the hot rig.

If you already have some previous experience with the Cheburashka rig and jigbaits, then it is worth trying an additional spinner blade between the lead and the leader. Colored pearls are very suitable as extra attractors.


Fishing technique Cheburashka rig

Fishing with the Cheburashka rig requires good contact with the bait and a correspondingly sensitive tackle. You should notice the descent of the bait, as well as any contact with the ground and be able to direct the bait well through the water.

To make the selection of the perfect Cheburashka Rig Tackle a little easier, we have added the best rods and reels as well as other accessories to the Cheburashka category here. Whether you prefer to use ordinary nylon line or a braided main line, that depends above all on your spot. We recommend a line with good abrasion protection from the bank. You may have a lot of contact with underwater hazards.

A Cheburashka rig is used to search the lower layers of water. Weightless Cheburashkas for medium water layers are very modern. You can offer the Cheburashka Rig vertically under the boat or in front of your feet for street fishing. Or from the bank, similar to a rubber fish or a twister with a jig head. The Cheburashka rig's bait routing is not much different either.

After landing on the bottom, the rod is raised and lowered on the reel with a slight turn of the crank. The bait can move freely and dances through the water in front of the Cheburashka lead. It is very similar to a battered sick fish.