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Ultralight Fishing

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Ultralight fishing (UL)

What is Ultra Light Fishing? Ultra Light Fishing stands for fishing with ultra-light fishing lures, often spoons or rubber finesse baits. UL is the common international abbreviation for the popular fishing technique. Some retailers work the magic limit of a weight graduation of zero to five grams to the UL tackle in the shop. With us you will find the finest UL rods with a higher casting weight. For example, we offer the Castalia Force Ultra Light with a maximum casting weight of 7.00 grams. The very high-quality high-end UL fishing rods from the Olympic Pro and Gold series have a casting weight of 1.0 - 5.5 grams. You see the limits are floating. Basically it is about fishing with small, mini and micro fishing lures.

The target fish in UL fishing are anything but ultra-light and extra small! Many big perch, pikeperch, chub, trout and even pike could only be outwitted by using the finest assembly and very filigree fishing lures. In advance of all UL target fish, the XXL trout fall for the small spoons and micro wobblers. Try it out, the UL fishing is guaranteed to inspire you. Even die-hard spinning anglers are becoming more and more interested in the modern trend of ultra-light fishing.





Which fishing line for UL fishing? That's a question you get from a lot of UL beginners. Basically, a very fine but strong braided main line is always the first choice for UL fishing. An appropriately thin monofilament line is recommended for ultra light trout fishing. In the end, it is a combination of the elasticity of the line and the elasticity of the UL fishing rod. Other factors are the fishing lures used and the target fish at the spot. Some of our UL fishing rods are particularly sensitive, while others offer a certain amount of power reserves so that even a large predator fish can be drilled without any problem. Insider tip - buy an e-reel for every UL fishing reel if possible. So you can quickly and practically switch back and forth between two cords as needed. The choice of main line is independent of the leader used.

Professional UL anglers always use a fluorocarbon leader material. The modern material protects against annoying demolition when bitten by pike, perch and pikeperch. Here in the shop you have the choice of extra fine and particularly high quality UL fluorocarbon leader material. The UL leader tackle offer is rounded off by many different rings, snaps and swivels especially for UL fishing. Do you already know the sharp UL fishhooks with integrated swivel and upstream pearls? A real dream for every UL angler. Below we give you practical tips on UL fishing, one of the most popular types of fishing styles this season.



Ultra Light Fangerfolg | Angeln auf Forellen



Practical tips for ultra light fishing

Choosing the right fishing lure is essential to successful ultra light fishing. The hook sizes for ultra light fishing are usually between 4 and 8. All UL fishing is based on small, fine baits. In addition to UL fishing with artificial lures, there are many anglers who also like to use red worms or thawing worms for UL fishing. The majority of all UL fishing rods are around 2.00 meters long and have a typically low casting weight. The perfect harmonious UL fishing reel usually has a size between 800 and 2000. Basically, an important practical tip is to combine the right braided main line and a perfect strong but thin fluorocarbon leader.

Successful ultra light anglers are masters at fighting a capital predator. Every fish caught on a UL rod is great fun. If the fish is big enough and eager to fight, your full concentration and experience will be required! Your heart is racing after you have caught a big trout, a big perch or even a new PB zander with your own UL tackle.


Ultra light fishing rods & reels

Here you can find all UL fishing rods and reels recommendations. We offer UL Tackle for beginners, for newbies and for real professional anglers. Find out more about the specifications and details of the various UL tackle series here in the shop.


Ultra light fishing lures

Click here to go directly to the extra comprehensive category of fishing lures. We present the best artificial baits for UL fishing such as mini and micro wobblers, finesse baits, softbaits, creature baits and many other catchy spoons in all sizes. Catching and fishing fun is guaranteed with the high quality Ultra Light fishing lures from, your UL partner in the internet.