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Castalia Colorado

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Castalia Colorado Ultra light

Castalia Colorado an ultra light fishing rods and reels series of the upper class at a low promotional price. There are eight different Castalia Colorade UL fishing rod models between 1.68m and 2.40m in two different casting weights. The rod series covers the entire spectrum of ultralight fishing. Made from high-quality, fast carbon fiber blanks including a high-quality special roll holder. The quality rings and a modern design round off the beautiful and discreet UL fishing rods. The color-matching UL fishing reels make every angler's heart beat faster.


Ultra light Angelrute



Castalia Colorado fishing rods

Each model of the eight different UL fishing rods from the Castalia Colorado series has its own color scheme. There is also the matching color Colorado fishing reel. Do you choose the right, matching colors? Or do you combine two matching colors into an exclusive design?


Bullet points Castalia Colorado fishing rods

  • Particularly high quality carbon blank
  • Ultralight fishing rods (UL fishing)
  • Fast, parabolic action
  • Micro rings with ceramic inlay
  • Special design reel seat
  • EVA handle
  • Fantastic design
  • very balanced


We deliver the Colorado UL fishing rods and reels in a hot and modern color design. Choose from eight different great colors and shine at the spot with the new UL Tackle at the fishing friends. The colors silver, gold, copper and turquoise have a casting weight of 0.4 grams. up to a maximum of 4.0g. If you prefer to fish slightly heavier baits, then choose the colors purple, red, green or blue with 1.0 gr. up to a maximum of 8.0 g casting weight.

Ultra light Castalia Colorado

Castalia Colorado Ultra light Fishing Rods & Reels


Castalia Colorado UL Fishing Rod Overview
Colour Parts Length [cm] Transport length [cm] Weight ca. [gr] Casting weight [gr]
Silver 2 168 88 71 0,4 - 4,0
Gold 2 180 95 72 0,4 - 4,0
Copper 2 198 102 79 0,4 - 4,0
Turquoise 2 210 109 83 0,4 - 4,0
Purple 2 198 102 81 1,0 - 8,0
Red 2 210 109 86 1,0 - 8,0
Green 2 230 118 94 1,0 - 8,0
Blue 2 240 124 97 1,0 - 8,0


Do you go to the water for UL fishing on small streams, overgrown rivers and hidden lakes? Then the short, lightweight Castalia Colorada fishing rods in silver are the first choice. With only 168cm. Overall length, the rod is very suitable if you have little space at the spot. Are long casts an absolute necessity to get hold of your fish? In this case we recommend the blue UL rod with a length of 240cm. Length and a maximum casting weight of around 8.00 g.


Castalia Colorado Fishing Reels

The eight differently colored models of the Colorado 1000 UL fishing reel series are coordinated with the Colorado UL rod series. This results in a very appealing UL fishing set that is convincing in function and design across the board. Check the subtle look of the reels and rods and show the world which your favorite color combination is! The UL fishing reels have a head drag (FD Front Drag) and are perfect for fishing for trout, perch, chub and other UL predatory fish in your water.


Fishing Reels Specifications Castalia UL

  • Fishing line holder:
    • 0,18mm / 180m
    • 0,19mm / 160m
    • 0.21mm / 125m
  • Weight: 257gr.
  • Ratio: 6,2:1
  • Ball bearings: 5+1
  • Eight different color designs


Our colored Classic UL fishing rods and reels are a little cheaper but just as colorful, maybe even a little more pop and eye-catching. Also highly recommended for kids and teens. Here you go back to the overview with all Ultra Light fishing rods, Ultra Light fishing reels and other UL fishing accessories from A to Z. Of course, you will also find the right ultra light fishing lures of all types and the corresponding small parts with us.