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Castalia Gold

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Castalia Gold Premium Ultra Light Serie

Welcome to the Premium Ultra Light Fishing Accessories Club, we are the upper class of ultra light fishing. In our ranks we love extremely high quality UL fishing rods and the perfect, matching small fishing reels. The Castalia Gold series is our ultimate goal and only when the fine UL rods bend to the handle, when the brakes of the reels scream; then we experience satisfaction!

Award-winning ultra light fishing rods and reels with the best components at a fair price! Do you dream? Yes, of couse! The new, very attractive Ultra Light series "Castalia Gold" invites you to dream, but it is 100% reality! Created from the knowledge, passion and craftsmanship of the best rod makers. Perfected on the water in countless practical hours by the hands of team anglers and product developers. We guarantee every Castalia UL angler that he will hold a rod to fall in love with in his hand.

Ultra light Angelrute

Ultra light Fishing Rods | Castalia Goldmember & Goldfinger



The Castlia Goldfinger and Goldmember series represent the absolute premium models from our range for ultralight fishing. With the new, very modern UL high-end carbon fiber rods, great value was placed on the highest quality components and excellent workmanship. Each model goes through a whole series of so-called QC test stations (quality checks).

Fishing fun at the highest level is guaranteed. The somewhat unusual division of the Castalia Goldmember UL rods (directly above the handle) ensures easier transport, while maintaining the almost unsurpassable fine continuous action of a one-piece rod. The slightly more expensive but in comparison really cheap Goldfinger rods are usually divided into two parts.

The Castalia Gold series has been awarded 5 out of 5 stars several times in various online portals and fishing magazines. All test reports and feedback from professional anglers are very positive. For example at Kö and here in the print magazine of AngelWoche (12/2020 - test: UL Spoon rod Castalia “Goldfinger”).

The very high quality UL rods and reels are perfect for fishing for trout and perch. The action of the rods are very, very fine; every contact with the bait is transmitted far into the lower part of the rod. Of course, this calls for a very concentrated hand on the part of the angler. Every bite must be answered quickly and consistently. Professional anglers love the action and call the Castalia Goldfinder and Goldmember series the very best spoon fishing rods for the trout lake.

If you tend to prefer a stiffer rod with a somewhat harder action, then click directly on the link and discover the sharp UL Castalia Force fishing rods and reels in our ultra light fishing shop.


Castalia Gold UL Fishing Rod

The design of the new Castalia Gold Premium Ultra Light series is a flasher on the fishing lake. A design that could come from an absolutely fierce concept car. The matt black rod blank forms the basis, which combines perfectly with the very good handle. The gold design ring allows the two elements to harmonize. A great specialty of the Castalia Gold UL fishing rods are the first two rod rings which, like the rest, come in a single-bar design, elegant and light and the flair of the rod suggests it.

The Castalia Goldfinger and Goldmember Ultra Light fishing rods are completed with a conical base, in the style of the future and perfectly processed. The Goldmember UL rods can be divided behind the handle and are therefore easier to transport. Goldfinger UL rods can be regularly divided in the middle.


Goldfinger / Goldmember UL Rod advantages & details

  • Particularly high quality carbon blank from Japan
  • Matte black design
  • High quality single leg rings
  • Skeleton special roll holder
  • Ultralight (UL fishing rod)
  • Fast, continuous parabolic action
  • Perfect bait control and the most sensitive bite detection
  • EVA handle
  • Noble design with gold elements


Castalia Gold Rods Ultra light Specifications

The Castalia Gold Premium fishing rods are available in two different model classes, each in two different versions. The Castalia Goldfinger fishing rods can be divided in the middle. The Goldmember UL fishing rods are also in two parts, but to be divided behind the handle. All models have a casting weight of 0.5 - 7.0 grams, perfect for UL fishing. The transport lengths are between 1.64 m, Goldfinger 2.10 m. And believe it or not, only 1.03m for the 1.98m Goldmember rod. All rods weigh well under 90gr. and are suitable for the UL fishing reels listed below.


Castalia Goldfinger Specifications

  • Length (s): 1.98 / 2.10m
  • Parts: 2
  • Transport length (s): 1.49 / 1.64m
  • Weight (s): 77 / 88gr
  • Casting weight: 0.5 - 7.0gr


Castalia Goldmember Specifications

  • Length (s): 1.98 / 2.10m
  • Parts: 2
  • Transport length: 1.03 / 1.11m
  • Weight (s): 79 / 86gr
  • Casting weight: 0.5 - 7.0gr



Ultra light Angelruten und Rollen Gold


Fishing Reels Ultra light Gold Castalia

A suitable, high-quality, small Ultra Light fishing reel is part of a perfect UL fishing rod. Here in the Fish-Tackle EU Ultra Light Fishing Shop you can choose from various great UL reels. We recommend the following UL fishing reels for the Castalia Goldmember and Goldfinger models:

  • Castalia Pro II
  • Paladin Olympic
  • Tiny Queen 300 FD


The very, very high quality Paladin Olympic UL fishing reels matching the Castalia Gold UL rods with their golden design. The Tiny Queen and Castlia Pro fishing reels are a little cheaper and perhaps a little more casual. A special highlight of the Paladin Olympic fishing reels are the ultra-light carbon bodies, take a look and you will be amazed.


If you feel like it, you can watch the practical test video of the Castalia Goldfinger fishing rods with us in the shop below. The bait battle team successfully tried out the great UL fishing rods and reported to us. Enjoy a great UL fishing day with the professional anglers in Germany.


Product video Castalia Goldfinger practical test





The Olympic Pro Ultra light fishing rods and reels offer even more highlights for every ultra light angler's heart, and for every spin fisherman with a little more budget. Definitely worth a visit if you are still in doubt about the right rod & reel combination for yourself. If the Castalia Gold series is too hard on your gel bag, then a look at the Castalia Colorado UL fishing rods and reels series is definitely something for you.

Click on the link attached to get back to the Ultra Light fishing accessories category. With us you will find tons of spoons, mini wobblers, shads, Finnesse baits and other very catchy ultra light fishing lures plus the appropriate accessories for the UL rods and reels. If you like, you can order an extra well-priced complete Ultra Light Deluxe fishing set from us (if available) including rod, reel, baits, line, landing net, etc. Our UL bundles are very popular among all aspiring UL sport fishermen.