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Classic UL

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Classic ultra light paladin

Due to the great popularity of the Castalia Colorado Ultra Light fishing rods and reels series, there is now a cheap entry-level version in 6 bright colors. Despite the super low price, these Ultra Light fishing rods convince with their great action, perfect balance and a robust overall concept. The new Classic Ultra light UL rods and reels from Paladin are absolutely perfect for all ultra light beginners, kids and teenagers.



Ultra Light Angelrute farbig

Classic Ultra Light Fishing Rod coloured


There is a corresponding UL fishing reel to match every UL Classic fishing rod. Do you combine two bright identical colors? Or do you choose a stylish combination of two different fashion colors? With the bright design, fishing is twice as much fun.


Classic UL fishing rod benefits

  • Carbon blank
  • Ultralight design (UL)
  • Fast, parabolic action
  • Micro rings with ceramic inlay
  • EVA handle very high quality
  • Modern, eye-catching design
  • Available in 6 different colors and designs


Classic UL fishing rod designs

  • Yellow / Weight: 78gr / CW 0,4 - 4,0gr / Length: 1,80m
  • Turquoise / Weight: 82gr / WG 0,4 - 4,0gr / Length: 1,98m
  • Red / Weight: 85gr / WG 0,4 - 4,0gr / Length: 2,10m

The Classic UL fishing rods in the colors yellow, turquoise and red have a low casting weight of 0.4 g to a maximum of 4.0 g. The yellow ultra light fishing rod has an identical total length of 1.80m, like its big brother in the color purple. The purple UL Classic fishing rod, like the blue or orange rod, has a recommended casting weight of 1.0 - 8.0 grams for the baits. Turquoise is the dependency on blue and red on orange.

  • Purple / Weight: 78gr / CW 1,0 - 8,0gr / Length: 1,80m
  • Blue / Weight: 82gr / CW 1,0 - 8,0gr / Length: 1,98m
  • Orange / Weight: 85gr / CW 1,0 - 8,0gr / Length: 2,10m

All UL Classic fishing rods are in two parts. The transport lengths are between 95cm. Yellow and orange, 103cm. for turquoise and blue, and a maximum of 110cm. on the model in red and orange. Above the fishing reel holder there is a practical eye for attaching the artificial bait.


Ultra Light Classic fishing reels

We offer state-of-the-art and robust ultra light fishing reels to match the hot UL fishing rods. The same concept is presented as the very popular Castalia Colorado UL series, but at a beginner-friendly entry-level price. The horny UL reels are 100% balanced and a real recommendation for the matching fishing rods. Despite the extremely low price, the new UL reels impress with their very good running behavior and robust design. We recommend the UL Classic roles to all UL beginners, beginners, kids and young people.

There is a total of 6 different modern color designs to choose from. What is your favorite color? We are sure we have your new favorite UL fishing reel in the matching color design on offer. Rebels combine two hot colors, connoisseurs and cool anglers combine two matching shades.


UL Angelrolle farbig

Ultra light Fishing Reel | Classic UL


Due to the clear colors of the fishing rods and UL fishing reels, you can see directly which of the different versions you are holding in your hand. Yellow stands for short and light, blue, for example, is a longer version with a higher casting weight. The blue fishing reel also goes well with the turquoise rod or the orange model. There are no limits when it comes to combining, live it up and share your hot UL combo with us!


Paladin Classic UL 1000 fishing reel specifications

  • Brake: FD / Front Drag = head brake
  • Weight: 245gr.
  • Ration: 5.1: 1
  • 4 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings


Advantages of Classic UL fishing reels:


  • Aluminum long cast spool
  • CNC design crank with soft-touch knob
  • Micro adjustable front drag
  • Reinforced bail arm
  • Extra robust design


The light models of the Classic UL series are very well suited for fishing with small artificial baits for trout, perch and other small predators in fresh water. The rods with casting weights of up to 8gr. are also suitable for fishing with natural bait, for example thawworms. The target fish can be a bit bigger, even an experienced angler can fish a pikeperch or small pike. Here it goes back to the Ultra light fishing types special page and to the overview with all UL fishing accessories articles in our shop.

Our spin fishing shop page is definitely also very interesting for you. Or are you interested in all-round trout fishing in addition to UL fishing? If you have any questions about ultra light fishing, the first UL fishing equipment or the right fishing lures, don't hesitate and contact our friendly and experienced customer service. We look forward to your UL inquiry and to getting in touch with you.

Order a colored ultra light fishing rod and reel now for under 110 € (free delivery) for kids, teens and beginners!