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Olympic Pro

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Paladin Olympic Ultralight Rods & Reels

The team presents the upper class of all ultra light fishing rods and reels. A true dream of UL fishing rod, from the hands of the gods of Olympus just for you and your extra high-quality tackle collection. We have small, fine, high-performance Ultra Light reels on offer to match the high-end UL fishing rod model. Discover the Paladin Olympic Ultralight rods and reels at an internet price in your favorite online shop.




Olympic Ultra Light


Various UL Olympic Pro rods and reels have been developed to cover every target fish and every type of ultra light angling. The Olympic UL fishing rods with a casting weight of 0.3-2.5gr have a so-called Solid Tip tip, which offers action, has backbone, feeling and even a good soul! The somewhat stronger Olympic's with a casting weight of 1.0-5.5gr have a tip part made of several individual parts combined and thus offer a little less sensitivity.

The lightweight Olympic UL rods are perfect for all finesse baits, small rubber fish and the like. The stronger UL Olympic rods are aimed at friends of spoons, micro wobblers and mini stickbaits. The target fish of both types of UL fishing rods are perch, chub, trout, pikeperch and other predatory fish.


Olympic UL Rod specifications

The Paladin Olympic Ultralight rod series offers a total of six different fishing rod models. From 1.80m to 2.10 in length and casting weights of either 0.3-2.5gr or 1.0-5.5gr. Each of the respective fishing rods has its own discreet color coding in gold, silver or copper; where an identical color stands for the same length of the model.

Olympic Ultra light Overview
Colour Length [m] Parts Transportation length [m] Weight [gr] Casting weight [gr]
Copper 1,80 2 0,95 82 0,3-2,5gr
Silver 1,98 2 1,03 89 0,3-2,5gr
Gold 2,10 2 1,10 92 0,3-2,5gr
Copper 1,80 2 0,95 82 1,0-5,5gr
Silver 1,98 2 1,03 89 1,0-5,5gr
Gold 2,10 2 1,10 92 1,0-5,5gr


Only the very best available components were used in the very attractive high-end UL rod series Olympic Pro: a very high quality Japan blank, an exclusive special reel seat, Fuji Alconite rings, etc. Connoisseurs feel the passion and the concentrated skills of the best rod makers which are in this rod series. The luxury natural cork handles are really divine in the hand. The look of the blank asks for the ultra light fishing to be finely polished and neatly placed on the topmost place in the tackle basement.

The Paladin Olympic Ultra Light rod specifications speak directly to all connoisseurs. The high quality rods are aimed primarily at experienced ultra light anglers who are looking for real high end tackle. We guarantee that your new Olympic UL rod (s) will keep what the specifications promise and is twice and three times as much fun with every fight as your old UL rod combination.


Olympic Pro UL Fishing Reels

The high-quality Ultra Light fishing reels with carbon components, the Olympic Pro's, are often called golden boys by our fans and team anglers. The small golden UL fishing reels fit perfectly with the Olympic Pro UL fishing rods. The small Olympic Pro fishing reel model has a line capacity of 130 meters with a 0.15mm line. The slightly larger 2000FD Olympic Pro roll holds approx. 240 meters 0.18mm. Fishing line. Both UL fishing reels have a head drag (FD Front Drag) and shine with some very exclusive bullet points above all other UL reels:

  • ultra-light carbon body
  • Aluminum long cast spool + replacement aluminum flat spool
  • High-performance gearbox 5.2: 1
  • One-piece screw-in crank
  • 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Special carbon brake discs
  • Micro adjustable head brake
  • Soft-touch knob

The velvety smooth running behavior conjures up a broad, satisfied grin on every face of the anglers who try our great reels for the first time. The high quality body made of carbon fiber ensures an extremely low weight, between 167gr (800FD) and 220gr (2000FD). Another very high quality and suitable reel in size 1000 is the following recommendation: Castalia PRO II UL reel FD 1000 with flat spool. For example, the Castalia Tiny Queen 300 FD with only 145gr would be even lighter and smaller. Total weight.



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