About us Fish-tackle.eu

Fish-Tackle.eu was founded in 2020. However, our company history begins much earlier. The Fish-Tackle.eu team consists of 100% passionate fishermen and fisherwomen. We are an online fishing tackle wholesaler for private customers and for all B2B reseller. Fish-Tackle.eu is a shop made by anglers for anglers. For us, the fun of fishing and a good time on the water are very important. We always offer unbeatable low prices and extra practical large packaging. You can order your fishing equipment even cheaper if you choose a complete set.

All Fish-Tackle.eu fishing sets are real top sellers. From the beginner's basic starter set to the large sets where you can order all the equipment for carp fishing or fly fishing with just a few clicks - all sets consist exclusively of high-quality individual parts and practical packaging. You are guaranteed to be enthusiastic and the catches with the new tackle assure you that we are your right partner for fishing accessories and equipment from A to Z on the internet.

You will also find recommendations for fishing trips, fishing boats, fishing guides to go with the fishing accessories; and one of the most popular accommodations for anglers right on the water. Benefit from our large producer and tour operator network. A lot of special equipment for sport fishermen can only be found here exclusively with us. Our range includes fishing accessories for every type of fishing and for every target fish. You book all trips directly with the organizer, we do not charge any agency costs or booking commissions!


Company history

The Fish-Tackle.eu online shop has been on the Internet since 2020. At the beginning we sold our fishing accessories at various marketplaces on the net, until we decided to invest the time and energy to start our own modern online shop next to the marketplaces.

We are a team of several permanent employees who all have one thing in common. We love to go fishing and the sport fisherman has accompanied each of us for at least 10-20 years. Together we have several hundred years of experience on and in the water. Our company boss has a fishing competition trophy in his office from 1986! Several of our suppliers are also very well known anglers in their country at the same time.

Before the online shop Fish-Tackle.eu existed, there was a moment when we noticed that there was a big gap in the market. There are online shops for anglers all over Europe. A real wholesaler from whom you can also order as a private customer did not exist until now.

Shops for anglers with an extra large selection are no longer really a rarity in Europe either, but even the large and well-known fishing accessories dealers with shops did not offer the opportunity to buy baits and accessories in practical wholesalers' packaging. Be it online or in the store itself.

Thanks to the Fish-Tackle.eu wholesale fishing accessories for private customers, you can now order all your fishing equipment at a low price with fast and safe delivery to your doorstep. Our offer will be expanded in the near future. New products are added and more travel offers are made possible.

Up here you can see our company boss Marco Solar fishing for small river carp in southern France. The Fish-Tackle.eu team is international in every way. We deliver our articles all over Europe, and our fishing trips also take us across the entire continent. We don't know any language barriers, every team member speaks at least two other languages ​​in addition to their own mother tongue. Together we complement each other to form a large and very flexible team.

As soon as a new fishing technique appears in our German-speaking countries, we can be sure that it has already been tested by at least one or even by several employees. We quickly pick up on trends from the fishing world and see if there is something new that we would like to offer. For example, the drop shot fishing technique or fishing with spoons for trout and perch has been an integral part of the Fish-Tackle.eu online shop for a long time.

Here you can surf back to the Fish-Tackle.eu homepage and here you will find a page with even more shop information. For example, about our different payment options, shipping rates and possible returns. More information about the Fish-Tackle.eu team anglers, this way.