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Here you will find downloads, maps, videos and much more ... interactive content for anglers and fishermen from the internet.

Every day we encounter practical apps, great films, exclusive interviews and much more during our daily work. From now on we will share with you the best finds from the www on the subject of sport fishing, fishing accessories, fishing destinations and many more. Of course, your personal tips and recommendations for good downloads and interactive material for anglers are always welcome. Even more clips, reports and catch reports can be found on our social media channels on the Facebook and Pinterest portals #follow #like #share.

Use the buttons above, or one of the links below. It's worth coming back, new content is being added all the time. The Amazon Prime Videos are all very current and super exciting. So we can all get through the winter without any problems, and we can warm up optimally for the next season. "Summer Carp" River fishing in summer offers some particularly beautiful shots that we now dream of every day in the cold season.

Fishing video "Trip of a Lifetime", if you now have 30min. Have time. Maybe during your lunch break, or in the evening on the sofa. Then click on PLAY activate the full screen function and enjoy a unique, beautiful YouTube fishing film from the Carpe Diem team. You can find more fishing videos here on our fishing video page.