Downloads for Sportfishermen

Informative material for all anglers, free to download from the Fish-Tackle Outlet Online. Here you will find practical fishing tips, assembly instructions, manuals and much more. New content is added regularly, it's worth coming back! Just click on one of the files and the .pdf download will start automatically.

Below you will find catch lists to download and print yourself, fishing photo tips and tricks for the perfect fishing photo, fishing license information to download plus online ordering of permit cards and a selection of the best apps for sportfishermen.

All of the documents are momentarily only available in german, but we are working on it. - Downloads

Download Information Material

Here you can download free information material from the Fish-Tackle Outlet Team. It is about the basic assembly of the rods and reels, or the special target fish accessories. You can print out all .pdf info flyers and take them out of your jacket pocket as a cheat sheet when you go fishing.

The information material includes practical fishing tips and the most catchy assemblies for catching the biggest fish on the spot. Beginners but also all experienced anglers will find great tips and tricks with which the next session on the water will be a little more successful.

In the near future we will be presenting even more downloads and interactive material for all anglers here.

You can find more interesting and super practical downloads for anglers here, for example links to the Dutch VisPas, to other hot apps for anglers and downloads for route planning. Our catch list is also very popular. You can download the .pdf template for the catch list, copy it and print it out as often as you like. After a while you can create a valuable collection of catch lists and perhaps draw one or two conclusions about the best technique from the results.

Catch lists template (german)

Here you can download a catch list template for free. Click on the example or the link here and the download will start automatically. To open it you need a free Adobe Acrobat Reader [.pdf]. Reproduction is expressly permitted. Download catch list template .pdf click here.

Fishing photo tip

What is the secret of the perfect (fishing) photo? It's not a big secret and every specialist knows. Here we tell you how you are guaranteed to take better catch photos. On the website of our friends at the fishing holiday tips team, all the basic rules for a hot fishing photo are explained. The basis for the perfect picture is based on the so-called spiral to the golden section. Click on the photo or on the link in the text for more information on the perfect fishing photo.

Fishing license downloads

There are a number of good fishing license websites on the net these days. In some cases, the permit cards can be ordered online in advance. Internationally there are special pages in German for fishing abroad, and the corresponding fishing permits.

The Netherlands has a particularly simple system of fishing licenses. In general you need the VisPas for fishing in Holland. Here you will find all the information you need to purchase, pay, extend and, of course, obtain the Dutch VisPas.

In addition to the VisPas waters, there are other private waters in the Netherlands, so-called Paylakes. And a multitude of regions where a local fishing license is sold. For example in Zeeland very close to Domburg, Middelburg and Vlissingen. Or at the many holiday parks.

For fishing in France, we strongly recommend that you purchase the French sport fishing permit online. The price is cheaper and there are even offers for tourists and young people. More information about the fishing license and how to download it here under the links.

Further detailed fishing license information on all interesting countries can be found with our colleagues from the German website under the following link. Order national / international fishing licenses online.

Especially for the German-speaking area, the website below is the absolute number 1. Over 90% of all German fishing waters are linked and provided with plenty of tips. Every day there are new water tips including an address for purchasing a fishing permit.

Click here for water tips Germany from the friends of

With the most popular apps for anglers, you are well prepared for your next fishing trip. Here we present the comprehensive and practical app from Sportvisserij Nederland for all VisPas owners. With the Visplanner app you can see the rules and regulations for every Dutch body of water. The Petri Heil catch diary app records all your catches. The modern fishing knot app is a helpful companion at all times, and the cool fishing license test app helps you prepare for the exam. There are different versions for each federal state with the respective questions.

Here you go to our Fish Tackle Outlet, with fishing accessories from A to Z for every target fish and for every style of fishing. We are the online tackle wholesaler for private customers. Discover our large target fish tackle selection and the many extra hot offers now. We would also be happy to introduce you to our affordable fishing trips and travel offers for anglers.