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Here you will find a whole page full of interesting and super practical things from the net. Interactive material for all anglers. Discover the conversion tables for anglers, our information sheet with conversions and standard values of, for example, lbs. too large or formulas for the hook sizes. As well as a clear table of the lead shot names and weights. There are also interactive conversions for lengths and weights. The cool Google maps for anglers round off our interactive page. Fishing spots, water maps, overnight accommodation and much more.

  • How much lead can I cast with a 3.5 lbs fishing rod?
  • What is the right monofilament line size for a 2.75 lbs rod and what is the right chalk line?
  • How long is a 10 'stalker carp fishing rod and how many inches longer is a 13' rod?
  • How heavy is a 1/8 oz jig head? And is hook # 4 big or small?

An excerpt from the daily questions that our customer service team receives and that an angler quickly asks himself when choosing the tackle. Many German sport fishermen do not know exactly how long a foot or several feet are. What the foreign size charts mean and what the corresponding European values are. Fortunately, we have prepared this page for you. Conversions and interactive calculators for determining casting weights, lead weights, rod lengths and many more.

With a 3.5 lbs fishing rod you can cast 90 - 120 gr. Heavy leads. For a 2.75 lbs fishing rod we usually recommend a 0.30mm monofilament line, and if necessary a braided 0.18mm chalk line. The 10 'stalker carp fishing rods are approximately 3 feet and 5 inches long. A 13 'long cast fishing rod is nearly 4 meters long. Around 3 1/2 grams correspond to 1/8 oz and the hook with the size 4 is located in the upper middle field.

Print out our practical conversion table, download it to your computer - and send it to all fishing friends. With our data sheet for anglers, misunderstandings will never arise again. If something is unclear and you are unsure whether you are interpreting the size information correctly; then you are welcome to contact our customer service at any time.

We would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to lbs. / oz. / inch & feet. We can usually answer special questions about nautical miles, American distances, English sizes and the like without any major problems. No longer have any doubts about the range, the maximum distance, the maximum load capacity and other values ​​on your tackle.


Use the interactive basic conversion in the Fish - Tackle Outlet now. Here you can convert all important size information and convert it to the desired size. The centimeter to inch conversion and the weight calculator to determine the ratio of lbs are particularly practical. and gr. for example of fishing rods. Below is our comprehensive data sheet as a free download, all important sizes, lengths and weights for anglers are listed. Print out the data sheet and stick it on the tackle box. All important sizes are listed (lbs, oz, gr, cm ...)

2.50 lbs = 60 to 80gr. Lead casting weight

3.00 lbs = 75 to 95gr. Lead casting weight

3.50 lbs = 90 to 120gr. Lead casting weight


10' Rod length = 304,8 cm

12' Rod length = 365,7 cm

13' Rod length = 396,2 cm


Datasheet for anglers

Use the free download and save your version of our data sheet for anglers. Together with the interactive tools above, you will now always know how long a 12.75 'rod is and how much casting weight it has. Also the imprint 2oz. is now clearly linked to a known value. We help you in the cosmos of sizes and lengths for fish tackle.

Click on the link here and the download will start automatically. You will receive a free .pdf document. You can copy, share and print it out. You may have to install Adobe Acrobat Reader beforehand. Free download .pdf data sheet for anglers - download now.

Fishing Water Maps

The fishing trip team of the fishing holiday tips website has provided us with three popular and interactive GoogleMaps maps for anglers. On the site there are interactive maps for many fishing destinations on which the best fishing spots, fishing specialist shops, guides & skippers as well as excellent overnight accommodations are marked. You can save the maps and use them for route planning during your trip. In addition to addresses, the website and opening times are also given.

Very comprehensive GoogleMaps maps are available here for example, on fishing in Belgium and on the best American fishing boats.

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