Travel Partners

Here you will find links to our national and international fishing holiday / travel partners. Also you will find recommendations to specific fishing accommodations at the best fishing spots, and the best partners on the net to your next (fishing) trip worldwide.

The team loves to travel. It gets even better when the whole holiday is about the most beautiful hobby in the world. During a fishing trip we sometimes fish 24 hours a day. We are unstoppable when we have the opportunity to explore a new fishing spot or even a whole region together with a local guide. Our fishing trips had taken us to some of the most beautiful and unique places on earth. In the future we are planning to discover many new fishing destinations.

Benefit now from our large network, our friends and our relationships in the fishing trip world. With pride we share our experienced and well-known travel partners. Some of them we know and work together for over 10 years now. Click through the link list below with links to the best fishing trip partners out of our collection.

*(Updated: Sept. 2020) and the whole team around Marco Solar are our premium fishing travel partner. The #AUT team arranges independent and individual fishing trips worldwide, for every budget and for every wish. There are special group offers, fishing holiday cottages for families with (small) children and/or pets, and an extra large selection of exclusive fishing trips from A to Z. The website offers an overview of the best fishing boats and skippers, tips for a cheap fishing holiday, and on top of that a blog full of great travel and fishing reports. You can also book the best official fishing guides in the Netherlands via this website. In addition to tips for freshwater fishing, there are almost endless recommendations for fishing at sea, and also on the sea.

A very handy site is the overview here, with all German and many international fishing tour operators.

Please note that a link is only possible if the respective website offers a secure SSL connection. This way we can guarantee that we and our data are safe on the net at all times. We are also happy to share your premium travel partner links here in our travel partner link list. Click here to go back to the info page with more partners and fishing tackle dealers.