Carbon Combo Spincasting Test Report

Rene W. Teamangler by Germany has tested the Carbon Spincombo 198cm. for you. The light version with the short rod and the stable reel is perfect for his spots. Find out now how the high-quality but inexpensive carbon spinning rod combo performed on the water.

Convince yourself of the modern design and the high quality of our products. The Carbon Spin Combo's are very suitable as a first fishing set for all beginners. Besides spin fishing, you can also use the rod and reel for trolling or float fishing.

The fishing set for spin fishing is delivered including rod, reel, line, case, leader, swivel and fishing lure. Immediately after delivery, you can cast the lure and catch your first perch, pike, trout and zander with the Carbon Spin Set.

Carbon Spin Combo field test

Team Angler Rene W. / Germany June 2022 /

I got a Carbon Spin Combo free of charge by to test and evaluate in the summer of 2022. First of all, a huge thank you for that. The delivery was as usual within 24 hours at my house. The package was well packed. Before the shipment, I received a clear email with a link to track the shipment. Thumbs up, the order and the shipping goes very well here and is absolutely worth mentioning.

I have been a member of the Shop fishing team for almost 2 years now. Maybe one or the other angler already knows me from the fishing trip blog or from other practical reports of mine on the net.

I had decided on the Carbon Spincombo in the light 198cm / 3 - 15gr. version. version. There is also a slightly longer and stronger version of 240cm. and 15 - 45gr. casting weight. Here is some extra information about the fishing set from my practical test:

  • Rod 198cm. Length / 24 Ton Carbon
  • modern fishing reel with aluminium spool
  • 3+1 ball bearing
  • mono line included
  • suitable for braided line
  • Assembly instruction (German)
  • assembled ready to fish with spinner
  • modern timeless design (white / black)
  • including case for transport

I have chosen this fishing set combo because it has a light casting weight from about 3 grams. I like to fish with lighter baits. For example, small spinners or softbaits at my home on the river. Bass, chub, pike and zander are my primary target fish. Depending on my mood, I also like to fish on the bottom or actively with a floating float.

Product information and detailed comparison of the hot carbon rod combo offers. There is a choice of a light 1.98m. version. And there is a 2,40m. version for big lures and extra thick target fish. Which model do you choose?

Carbon Spincombo 198

  • Rod: 198cm length
  • 3 - 15g casting weight
  • Reel: 20FD / 3+1 ball bearings
  • Line: 0,25mm / 150m
  • Bag: 104 x 16 x 6,5cm

Carbon Spincombo 240

  • Rod: 240cm length
  • 15 - 45g casting weight
  • Reel: 40FD / 3+1 ball bearings
  • Line: 0,30mm / 200m
  • Bag: 127 x 18x 6,5cm

Conclusion Carbon Spincombo test report

The rod is very good for the price. Especially if you want to fish for pike or perch. It can take a lot of punishment and is also guaranteed to withstand fights by bigger fish. The weight is very low and the handles feel very good. Even with wet hands you can control the rod well. The modern carbon blank is sensitive and has backbone. Stronger than a classic UL rod, but lighter and finer compared to most standard spinning rods.

The reel is also top for the price in my opinion. It runs cleanly and quietly, the brake can be adjusted very well. The ball bearings run without bumps and the first impression is convincing.

The mainline is always such a thing with many "ready-to-fish" fishing sets. I personally prefer to fish with braided lines, which is why I already have a braided line on it 🙈😁 The line that comes with the attractive reel is good to work with at first. Connoisseurs and experienced spin fishermen are better off switching directly to a familiar braided main line.

In general, I can highly recommend this combo by to all fishing beginners. The set is also well suited as a travel rod. There are some very good accessories to go with the combo of rod, reel, case and line. All spinnerbaits, softbaits and more can be fished very well with the set. It's worth taking a look around and shopping in the shop. There are some items here that every angler should have in his tackle box. Here you can find the second, slightly stronger model of the Spin Combo in 240cm

Thank you for reading my review. In this sense I wish you all good luck and big fish. Thank you in advance for a follow on Instagram - @rene.wie.1

Yours, Rene | Team 2022

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