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Advent calendar Sportfishing

Here you will find the best advent calendars filled with fish tackle for the big christmas festival 2021. This year we are proud to present two brand new advent calendars, in addition to the two very well-known and popular models from previous years. With us, the wholesaler for all private customers, you can order your sportfishing advent calendars at the absolute offer price.



Adventskalender für Angler


In addition to the very popular bestseller advent calendars of recent years, there are two completely new, premium fish tackle advent calendars this season. The Paladin advent calendars in a revised version are a very popular gift for every sport fisherman/woman. Excitement and fun for young and old are guaranteed!

In the standard version, the Trout/Perch Advent Calendar, you will find all the necessary accessories for spin and stand fishing. A great gift for every hobby and all-round angler.

The second well-known Advent Calendar Pike/Pikeperch contains all the important small parts for catching the big predatory fish. Among other things, there are special predatory fish - floats, leads, stoppers, swivels, hooks, steel leaders, wobblers, rubber fish, spoons, spinners, etc. hidden behind the little doors for successful predator fishing.

Premium Advent Calendar Spoon Fishing, new for the 2021 season! We are now offering the following luxury versions in the shop: Spoon and UL calendars! The spoon calendar contains 24 of the most popular Paladin quality spoons.

The Premium Advent UL calendar contains all the important accessories for successful UL fishing, such as spoons, small rubberfish, flashers, Cheburashkas, special hooks, snaps and much more! Both calendars for anglers are of very high quality.


Sportfishing Advent calendar  availability

The very popular advent calendars for anglers are unfortunately only available very late this year.

Furthermore, the advent calendars are so popular for anglers that we fear that the entire stock will be out of stock within a few days, maybe even within a few hours, as in previous years. Here in our online shop, we do not accept pre-orders for advent calendars for anglers. As soon as the availability is really 100%, only then will the four different advent calendars for anglers be available from us.

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