Christmas 2022


Gifts for sportfisherman

The best Christmas gifts for the big party of 2022 for all anglers. The Crew recommends the best gift ideas for this year's Christmas. Very trendy are the new premium advent calendars for anglers. This year there are four different calendars to choose from. Matching the type of fishing and the respective target fish are selected. Each Advent calendar is filled to the brim with small high-quality surprises that make every angler happy.

Brand new for the feast of 2022 are the children's fishing cases, very typical in the colors turquoise blue or girls pink.

A set of one or more electronic bite indicators with ground spikes will let your, or your anglers explore new shores on the water Very suitable for fishing for carp, eel or zander. With the very well processed radio bite indicators, the entry into the professional fishing league is a piece of cake.

All children love our fish cuddly toys and pillows as a gift for Christmas. Are you gifting several avid angler kids or teens this year? We have an extra large selection of fish stuffed animals, so everyone is sure to get their absolute favorite fish. Click here for the entire fish cuddly toy collection in the store. And here you can find even more fishing accessories for kids.