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Halloween 2020

Halloween for anglers, creepy, sweet and sour! Creepy cheap deals, sweet baits without sour aftertaste and hot deals. Celebrate Halloween with us and discover our special selection of orange, red and black Halloween items from our extensive range of fishing accessories. Absolutely NEW are the hot trout spoons and our artificial baits.

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Halloween fishing tackle

In 2020 we celebrate our 1st Halloween festival with you. We are happy to present you an extra cheap selection of high quality fishing equipment for every kind of fishing. Artificial bait, fishing dough, main line, trout spoons, hot baits for deep sea fishing - we have selected a small and fine selection of orange, red and black articles for Halloween 2020.

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All fisherman who are regularly found on and at the water after 31 October are 100% real sport fishermen. No matter what the weather, you will always be out there trying to catch a fish! Try it and catch your first big pike or the first 10 pound trout this season. The timing is perfect and the right clothing will protect you from the harsh autumn weather. Our Halloween deals are not only perfectly colour-coordinated for the festive season, they are also the best and most catchy bait colours for this fishing season.


May we also present you our Gift ideas for fisherman. Christmas 2020 is guaranteed to be a good time, with our fishing tackle on the present table. We present a special selection of very popular and practical tackle for every type of fishing and target fish.