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Fishing Tackle

Accessories for anglers for every type of fishing and for every target fish. Fishing tackle from A to Z at an affordable price, that's wholesale fishing accessories for private customers.

Search, sort and find your fishing tackle according to target fish, type of fishing and many other options.

Fishing rods and reels, bite alarms and baits. Small parts and much more - all at an extra low price! You are in the online shop in the fishing accessories category. We are the number 1 tackle wholesaler on the net for private customers.

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Anglers who order their fishing accessories at benefit from the cheap wholesale packaging. In addition to the basic equipment of every sport fisherman such as rod and reel, we offer all the necessary small parts for fishing in extra large and inexpensive dealer packaging of 5, 10 or more pieces. Floats, blinkers, rubber fish, fishing leads - the list is endless; everything for the purchase price and everything guaranteed cheap.

With us you can buy fishing accessories at any time for a small price. All articles are continuously discounted and calculated in a very customer-friendly manner. We do not play with lures and discounts. We offer fixed and consistently low prices without seasonal surcharges.

At anglers from every corner of Europe buy their accessories. Sport fishermen from every imaginable type of fishing come together here in our online shop. Our range includes classic fishing accessories, as well as very modern and specific items. You will find fishing accessories for freshwater fishing and an equally large and comprehensive range of fishing accessories for deep sea fishing.

We are one of the few online fishing equipment shops in Europe, where even all friends of the special long-throwing techniques get their money's worth. There are accessories for the increasingly widespread casting sport. And the real spin-fishing professionals will also find small parts here with us to tie the most modern leaders and rigs for predatory fish angling.

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