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Here you can order high quality and extra cheap artificial bait for fishing on predator fish, in large 5's, 10's or 20's bundles. We supply artificial baits and lures in wholesale packaging, directly from the fishing tackle wholesalers to all our private customers. Plugs, softbaits, rubber baits, spinners, spoons, pilkers, crankbaits and many more.


Black Bass

Artificial bait for predator fishing


Great artificial lures come in many colorful variations, some of them are designed for specific types of fishing. Others are very global to use. The regular flasher and spinner the simplest type of artificial lures. The predatory fish respond to the vibrations, but also to the reflections. A simple wooden spoon is enough to build this type of bait. Modern variants include double spinners - blades and so-called Combi Baits.

Plugs usually have rather lifelike shapes, which resemble a prey fish; and are used in spin fishing, but also in trolling. The sport fisherman creates a realistic swimming pattern similar to that of an injured prey fish. The attention of big pike and fat perch is almost guaranteed. Our high quality plug variations range from poppers, floaters, fast sticks, deep sinkers, heavy XXL three-liners to many other stickbaits that are used from the surface to the lower water layers.

Pilks and other saltwater lures are mainly used in spin fishing on the coasts and vertical fishing in the sea. These artificial lures are part of the basic equipment of every sea angler, for example, when fishing for capital predatory fish on and near the sea. Also fishing for big fish is unthinkable without the big - game - fishing trolling lures. Likewise, a Norway trip without corresponding Norway Pilker is not a possibility.

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