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Fine rib fishing lures

Fine rib fishing lures for targeted fishing for trout, perch, chub and many other freshwater predatory fish. The special flavor and the catchy designs convince every predatory fish at the hot spot! Available in many different colors and including an intense aroma.

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The next generation of softbait fishing lures! Discover the super catchy and very high quality fine rib baits now! For example in 65mm length and in the color black / gold. The taste of the catchy artificial bait is bubble gum, fruity and particularly attractive. The fine rib 65mm is offered in 8x cans with 7x pieces per packaging. You will get the 65mm model 49 times in total. Enough for you and all your spinning friends.

The 50mm version is delivered as 8x pieces in each can. That means you get 56x pieces of the hot softbaits here in the shop at the special price!


Fine rib softbaits

Flavored soft baits, the floating fine rib baits a new secret weapon at the fishing lake or in the river. The ultimate fine rib soft baits from Paladin have been specially developed for modern UL fishing (ultra light fishing). The special lamellar structure creates an extremely flexible and very natural movement. The tip of the tail generates lifelike impulses and moves in all directions in the water with every tiny tug on the tip of the rod. The baits are also characterized by their ideal and unique aroma release.

For the fish, the bait doesn't taste like rubber, but rather like the flavor. Due to the super soft, modern rubber of which the new fine rib baits are made and the resulting maximum mobility, the predator likes to swallow the bait completely. Proper fishing technique and appropriate fishing hooks are essential.

The new fine rib softbaits are available in 2 sizes, 50mm or 65mm; and available in 4 different flavors!

  •     50mm / 8x pieces per can / 8x individual cans / 56 x pieces in total
  •     65mm / 7x pieces per can / 8x individual cans / 49 x pieces in total



Fine rib fishing lures product video


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Here you can see the new and modern fine rib fishing lures in action! You are guaranteed to be thrilled and the fish will be happy when you return to the water with the delicious bait.

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